Zero waste trend – a new way to fill your house with junk, empty your pockets and be a part of colonial machine

So, every single year there is a new trend that hipsters religiously follow (or say they do, at least). This year, it’s ‘zero waste’.

Supposedly this is something new. (Maybe for white people.) Supposedly this is something that will ‘save the planet’. Supposedly, this is the next best thing.

While global warming is still worsening, this cannot be the solution and I cannot be more sceptical. I very much doubt that ‘not using plastic straws’ or ‘buying reusable pads’ is going to make much of a difference when the reason why global warming is progressing as much as it is, can be literally traced to less than 100 companies and hence CANNOT be fought back by individuals.

And then, we get to the wicked part. The same companies that make those ‘evil plastic bags’ and all the other trash polluting the environment, have started this trend and manufacture most of those items that you’re now caping for everyone to buy. So the issue really is, you’re not doing anything. You’re just adding to the pile.

This is nothing else but colonial exploitation and predatory capitalism. Most of those things come from China, India, Thailand, Brazil, or literally anywhere in Africa. People who grow those crops, or mine those minerals are more often than not women and children, working in horrible conditions and being paid next to nothing, if not nothing at all.

So, stop paying those trends any mind. It’s all a dirty trick to get you to spend more of your money and waste more of your time getting things you don’t even need. Things you never before even used, and was more than okay with not having up until now. So why do you want them now?

Is bisexuality supportive of trans people?

There is this idea going around that I cannot help but roll my eyes at. And it has to do with people claiming ‘bisexuality is not just about loving men and women’, mostly given the defense of ‘the definition of bisexuality as being attracted to two or more genders was in the original definition and bisexual manifesto’. And how supposedly nobody tells gays or lesbians (or straight people, for that matter) to change how they call their identity based on whether or not they are attracted or are willing to date trans, non-binary and inter people. Which, people literally do since early 2000’s at least, but I guess making up stuff for the sake of winning online argument with random strangers is a thing people do.

Let’s make something very clear – bisexuality and pansexuality are not the same things. And to act as if bioessentialism is not a part of the general LGB community and cis people’s old and tired routine is to lie in the open. This whole argument as if bi people have really embraced trans and other non-cis people in contrast to the general scorn we get from The Gays™️ rubs me the wrong way, and for many reasons. An individual having a eureka moment does not change the whole community. In the same-ish vein, a person finding out that trans people exist and unlearning bioessentialism are two different things, so get the fuck out of here with the bullshit about ‘i’ ve been attracted this one time to a trans person so i’m not a bioessentialist’. There are plenty of people who say ‘I support trans people’ while organizing a genital reveal of a newborn (in case somebody still doesn’t understand how gender marker is established – the doctor looks between an infants’ legs and decide ‘the sex’ of the baby based on it in a matter of seconds, and if it doesn’t fit the bioessentialist ideals, they perform an operation on that infant, sometimes without the parents even knowing or otherwise pressuring the parents into deciding whether they want ‘a boy’ or ‘a girl’ and operate on the child’s genitals to fit the parent’s choice, all the while claiming it’s “for the good of the child” when it actually is a violation of their human rights, autonomy, various laws both national and international, their chemical balance, right to procreation, and many, many other things that mentioning them would be too long for this topic), or in the same breath spew shit about how there are two sexes and how biology proves it.

Now, the manifesto is from 1990. That doesn’t make it the source of ‘the original definition’, nor does it prove that actual bisexual people use it in that way. Hell, even GLAAD doesn’t use it in that way, supposedly one of the most progressive organizations for LGBT rights. The manifesto isn’t that old, and that’s not how history works is all I have to say to this argument.

An astonishing thing that I’ve seen in these debates is, cis people have the audacity to claim that ‘it’s offensive to trans people to ask those who date them to change the terms they use for their attractions’ for us. How about sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, we don’t need people to disseminate such bullshit on our behalf. We have our own voices, and we can speak for our-fucking-selves. Leave us alone.

I also really need people to stop acting like the definition being ‘attraction to both sexes/men and women’ is not exactly how it is understood most of the time as well as by all the cishets. The States is NOT the only place people live and are LGBT. You’re not the center of the world. Most of the people who’ve ever claimed this term that I know personally have been bi-curious (at best – their own words) cishet women who have kissed a girl once of twice when playing bottle game in high school and have since changed their story to ‘I was always heterosexual, I just kissed some women a few times a long time ago’.

Most of those women have told me, a trans neutrois person, that ‘I have the best from both worlds’ and I am ‘perfect for a bi person’. And that’s exactly the reaction I was getting online from bi people in the early 2000’s and ever since. That’s how it was, and still largely is in Poland, and I’m sick of people’s hot takes on this. Sit the fuck down. Stop making up imaginary realities that don’t exist for the sake of looking smarter in an online argument.

In the end, I’m not saying this applies to everybody. But neither does it the other fucking way around, and I want those online bi warriors to remember that. Your story is only yours. Stop projecting it on the whole wide fucking world.

And honestly, I really need people to fuck the fuck off. From trans people. You don’t speak for us, and I don’t want your opinion.

Hot Take of the Day #3

You can be a revolutionary and care about several issues at once. Like caring about colonialism and imperialism and everything connected to it, as well as neurodiversity, mental health and medical industry, as well as trans/non-binary/intersex rights, as well as corporate greed and climate change. And a bunch of other things. It’s doable. (Also, you cannot care about any of the other issues if you don’t care about colonialism and imperialism. The rest of the world’s problems literally stem from colonialism and imperialism.)

Also, without sweeping those issues you are not well-versed in under the rug and/or shitting all over it.

Hot Take of the Day #2

MCU is trash except Loki and Tony Stark, and whoever takes Iron Man vs kkkaptain amerikkka seriously and gets on the amerikkka’s side, needs to seize and dissist immediately.

Let me outline everything that’s wrong with it. Because I feel like it.

This will be long.

Disney (which, might I remind everybody, owns Marvel and MCU with it) has been trash and making trash films forever. From the pedofile materials it started with made by old Walt himself, through the nazi propaganda that bolted the company into popularity, through white nationalist imagery of the ‘classic animations’, through queer-coding vilains, setting Black characters for death and romanticizing colonialism, up until now when they make grabs for cultural property of the communities of colonized people and buying up stations, channels and franchises to achieve factual monopoly in the industry (even though technically it’s illegal), it literally never had a good record of doing anything.

Then, you have Marvel, which made two most amazing superhero movies I can think of – Blade and Blade II. While it is not a part of MCU, it was a true marvel, get it? and seriously the best superhero movies I know. And this should be mentioned, as that’s before they selled to Disney and thus shows true potential the studio had on its own. Made the worst choice to sell themselves to the corporation, that clearly handles any and every artistic choice there is, leaving no freedom to the supposed creators in terms of themes and stories in the scripts, visual effects of all kinds, or anything else – even as small as conversation subjects. They all fall into very specific patterns and neatly pre-made two opposing boxes that the consumers should blindly accept, something that reeks of ‘classic disney’.

Hell, even color pallets are pre-made and neatly stocked into schemes to follow! Why are all the superheros running around in bright spandex of specific color matches that betray their pre-made pre-packaged type of a character? Why can’t there be some undercover superheroes? Any normal clothes type of a person? Where’s all the fucking creativity? Oh, of course, gone with signing off that disney merge deal thingy.

And then, you have America The Country that have been trying to skew perceptions about World War II since it happened – using all means available, including psychological warfare and propaganda. Hence, this monstrosity got created.

Captain amerikkka. A dude that is literally a personification of a country like its a live action remake of Hetalia, and playfully given a military title to make the conquering intentions very clear. No, he did not earn it, like the real war criminals and typical genocide comitting ‘leaders’, he got that prefaced instead. Then, he literally gets handed stolen loot from the only sovereign African country, because no Black country can ever exist without serving white people somehow, even an imaginary one, and uses it to… Prove the world wrong about amerikkka’s role in a World War?

Yep. That’s exactly what happens. But Cap’s story is about colonization from the very beginning – he’s living in Brooklyn of all the fucking places. And the best you can do is just tell me ‘he’s the all americanest boy of them all’ and ‘he wants to fight in a war really bad’? That’s his backstory? Lol. (I mean, it matches with the backstory of the country, it has literally never been at peace since its creation.) As if States have been so eager to help against Poland’s occupation or gave half of a fuck about anything until an opportunity to kill innocents and use atomic bombs on civilians. Because yeah, ‘war’. (Also, colonialism.)

Notice how he’s the only one to be inserted into actual historical events that actually happened in the real world. There is no chance, no way this isn’t intentional. What makes me this fucking angry about this is is, I am Polish. I’m actually aware of real history behind this smokescreen of a propaganda. When Karski went to Britain and their government, and then Roosevelt, nobody believed his report, even Jews. They said his report was exaggerated and overblown, and didn’t match reality. Nobody did anything about it for 5 years. And this is a dude that willingly went into Aushwitz II-Birkenau, got evidence of the operation (on microfilm, among other things), wrote a whole report on it (and then a few books), presented it to ‘the West’, and got no response.

And now we come to the history lesson, everyone. Great transition.

People somehow don’t know much about hitler or nazis. America is the place of the original nazis – Jim Crow politics (ghettos, anyone?), eugenics, racial hygiene, all of it was in amerikkka first. If you’d know anything about the nazis, you’d see a mirror reflection. Or anything about white american people, who’s highest self-reported ancestry is german at around 15% of all the population, lol. Which, not coincidentally, has a lot to do with the ties between amerikkka and nazis. Operation Paperclip was huge. A bunch of (several thousands if I’m not mistaken) war criminals got rescued by amerikkka and got flown to the states, their records cleared and granted immunity! And got an intelligence agency created especially for them to run. Ford’s and General Motors’ deals with nazis, anyone? Both had major deals supplying nazis.

To end this without accusations being thrown at me for ‘not knowing my Marvel facts’, I want to point out one thing – I am not a fan of Marvel. Never was. I only got into MCU because in an ADHD group a lot of people quoted Stark as having ADHD, and I got intrigued. I only know the stories of those superheroes from MCU, I know nothing else. So don’t come to me with an explanation about ‘he actually did a, b and c because x, y or z from the comics’ because I don’t care about or know those diferent timelines. Also, it’s a different timeline. So it’s not relevant anyway.

Thanks for the read. Comment away with your thoughts!

Hot Take of the Day #1

If you have ever wondered how would it be if we’d all have clothes tailored individually? Every piece of clothing, fitting everybody exactly how they want to, made from the materials they wanted, and made in an exact way they have imagined it

What if the only way that could have happened was through communism, and the world has missed the chance of having that? (Or…. Did it? DUN-DUN-DUUUUN!)

ADHD not a diagnosis in Poland? Excludes autistics?

So, this is kind of old news because its from around a year ago, but it’s still relevant.

So, I have ADHD. But I am not fully diagnosed. And supposedly, in my country…. I can’t be.

Yeah, you read that right. Even though it is a diagnosis, I supposedly cannot be diagnosed with it. That’s literally what I was told by two ‘professionals’. They have signed papers about me having ‘characteristics of ADHD’, but not F90.1 by ICD, which in our version of it says that’s ADHD – a sub-section of hyperkinetic disorder.

Supposedly ADHD can only be diagnosed in children and adolescents, but not anybody over 18. Never heard of that bullshit, and neither did ICD – if it would be in manual otherwise, and there’s nothing like that in there. And, on top of that, it cannot be diagnosed in somebody who already is diagnosed with autism, which I do have a diagnosis for. The first thing is the claim of those ‘professionals’, but the second one is literally in ICD-10, which is as wild as it fukcing sounds.

But that’s not all. In ICD-11, it doesn’t change for the better. It’s actually changing for worse, for both conditions, as the exclusion of autism in ADHD diagnosis stays, and functioning labels of autism not only stay, but are expanded upon, and will include intellectual capabilities, which until now were a separate thing.

I am so very upset and angry about ‘the establishment’, and cannot really express how fucked up ICD and the medical industry is.

Leftbook was a mistake.

It was a mistake for many reasons.

It was a mistake, because people started going very hard for their own limitations, as if it’s catch them all tournament and the more you have, the higher on the boards of leaders you are.

It was a mistake, because oppression olympics had reared its ugly head once again, turning up not only for the party, but taking residence. It seems likely it’s here to stay.

It was a mistake, because it doesn’t actually change anything about facebook itself. Nothing about the company’s policies are changed or improved because of it. It stays a shitshow still. Nothing gets done, but a bunch of people telling other bunches of people they should do xyz because that’s the correct etiquette now, but the etiquette is not ever explained or pointed out until it’s time for banning people. And if you don’t get on with the program that you know nothing about and you find yourself on leftbook, caught off-guard, those edgy leftlords will get you banned. Because of course, you should know about this program nobody ever told you about! Typical leftlord fucking bullshit.

It was a mistake, because fb is just another intelligence agency anyway (just like google or twitter), which gets personal information weaponized against the very people the site was supposedly created for. It is not only used for personalized advertisement (which in and of itself is a big, bright, glowing alert of NO), but it’s also used to alert authorities of people’s immigration status, it is used for letting abusers know where their victims are going, it is used to alert employers when workers say anything negative about their job to fire them, it is used to ban people from using these media outlets for being a part of a ‘minority group’ (banning trans people and asking them for 2 – TWO! – ID’s to let them use it, continuous ban of Black and colonized people of the world for anything and everything, anyone?).

And now, there are a bunch of people, most of them white, running those groups and thinking they have any sort of claim to being ‘just’ in their judgement and treatment of members. Bunch of hogwash, just plain silencing, dogpiling, and gaslighting. They will keep the rules hidden, and then accuse people of not keeping in line with them. They will cite one part of the rules, that defies something else in them that was in place supposedly to keep people from being dogpiled and prematurely banned in the first place.

Eh, I’ve been really fed up with leftbook. Lately more so than ever. I’m thinking about deleting the account, but I have no clue whether or not I’ll be just leaving my personal information that way to fb admins and if there might be a specific clause in the rules about them getting ownership of whatever you have on your profile after you let go of your account. I am very paranoid about all the social media and how it is used to pit people against each other, when we should be fighting together against a common enemy, the corporations. It really is some new type of drug people get addicted to, that fb drama.

This is a lot of thoughts at once, but I already said, this is going to be rambling mess. I’ll be coming with more soon!